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Electronic Cigarette - Best E-Cigarette Reviews & Smokeless Cigarettes


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Welcome to HerbalVaporizer.org, your #1 online resource for down-to-earth and informative electronic cigarette reviews and general e cigarette information! If you've been searching around online for information to help you decide which smokeless cigarette to purchase, you've no doubt noticed that there are quite a variety of models to choose from on the market today. It can feel almost impossible to choose the right one for you without trying them yourself, but we're here to help, with our in-depth yet concise reviews!

What we hope to do with the information provided on this site is to help you select the model that best suites you and your lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a portable vaporizer that you can take with you throughout your hectic workday, or a home model that you can relax and enjoy while kicking back in front of your TV, you're sure to find something that suites your demands!

Electronic Cigarettes and the Future of Smoking

In the modern world, science and technology have advanced quite a bit in many different areas. Now, even cigarettes have gotten a futuristic upgrade, making them more affordable and safer than traditional tobacco products. With many companies offering great bundles and packages, there's never been a better time to see if electronic cigarettes are a good idea.

We're going to take a quick look at how e cigarettes have been gaining in popularity, whether or not they're safer than traditional cigarettes, and a quick overview of the pieces of e cigarettes and how they work. Finally, we'll share with you some tips on why you should buy your ecigs online and not at the corner gas station. Ready to get started?

Electronic Cigarette Devices Gaining Popularity

Since their invention a few years back, electronic cigarettes have taken hold around the world. Primarily bought on the Internet, they have offered a safer alternative than traditional cigarettes that burn - resulting in smoke that's harmful to the user as well as those around them. Also, the smell associated with cigarettes has never been a hit with smokers OR their friends.

These days, however, there's an alternative. Enter the smokeless electronic cigarette at SmokelessCigarettes.net. With a simple vaporizer and a safe and natural mixture of nicotine and other chemicals, it's now possible to deliver the satisfying taste and experience of puffing on a cigarette WITHOUT any smoke. The technology is truly revolutionary in many ways.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

There have been a lot of reports that electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative than traditional tobacco cigarettes. While studies and research is still being conducted around the world, because of the way e cigarettes work, using water vapor instead of smoke, there are many who believe it's common sense that they are safer.

Additionally, many people are using electronic cigarettes to help wean themselves off of regular cigarettes so they can quit completely. Whether a person uses an e-cig to stop completely or simply uses it to change the way they get their daily nicotine fix, there's a lot to be said about trying this great new way to enjoy tobacco and nicotine without the smell or fuss of regular cigarettes.

While there will be countless more tests done over the next few months and years, there are many signs that indicate the water vapor is much better for the lungs that traditional tobacco smoke, which can really help those who suffer from "Smoker's cough," but still want to enjoy their nicotine. The e-cigarette is shaking things up for all types of smokers.

How Electronic Cigarettes Work

Here's a look at the three basic components of most electronic cigarettes.

Battery - Usually located in the filter, electronic cigarettes run off a battery that is easily rechargeable. We recommend getting a car and USB charger for best use.

 Vaporizer - One of the most important parts of the e-cigarette, this combines the nicotine with water vapor to allow you to exhale realistic "smoke," adding to the effect of the e cig.

Tobacco "Juice" - This is the nicotine and other chemicals that are inserted into the e cigarette and later mixed with water vapor when a drag is taken.

Buying Electronic Smokes Online

Now that you know a little more about the technology and how e cigarettes work, it's time to learn about the best way to get them. While you may see them in your local tobacco shop or convenience store, you can be sure that these have quite a bit of mark-up applied to them so the shopkeepers can make some money. The better way to get them is to buy electronic cigarettes online. This can allow you to save money in the short term and the long run. Additionally, it's a safe and convenient way to make sure you never run out of parts for your electronic smokes.

If you're ready to experience a brand new way of enjoying your nicotine without causing problems for the people around you, it's time to look into an electronic cigarette. If you've tried one in the past, you need to look into all the advances that have been made just in the last few months. Since they've come out, there have been a few innovations that truly make this the preferred way to "smoke" in the 21st century. The best bet is to start with a medium or large starter kit to make sure you get all the parts you need and then some. There's nothing like having an extra battery charged up and ready to go when you need it the most.

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